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You’ve gotta do what you’ve gottado.

Eating garbage is short term and if you have a financial problem or something that just won’t go away, you’ve got to tackle it head on. Complaining about your situation and telling yourself the odds are stacked against you won’t help.

When you see eating garbage as short term, you develop the mindset that will help you break through.

There’s no magic cure.

I told the young lady that emailed me to eat garbage for a while (I was nicer than that, don’t worry) and do what she has to do to earn some money (without breaking her values). This battle is short-term and that’s how we all have to see it.

Think about a situation that is worse thanyours.

Speaking of eating garbage, one of my mentors reached out to me and told me they had been demoted. They no longer had people underneath them and they were forced into something they didn’t love as much.

I told my mentor the same thing: we all have to eat garbage sometimes.

That advice was then followed up with my story of going from business owner to a call center operator. I then told him the story of a mutual friend who had gone from a high flying job to a nobody that was ignored.

He put up with that for three years and then eventually someone saw what I saw in him, and he was given a very senior role in another company.

Your situation may suck big time but getting some perspective and hearing about others who’ve had to eat garbage is a refreshing way (refreshing and brown stuff in the same sentence?) to overcome the negativity you’ll experience.

Understand that no one stays at the top of anythingforever.

You could be the richest person in the world today. Eventually, you’ll be knocked off the top spot.

You could be the fastest 100m sprinter in the world. Tomorrow, or eventually, someone will be faster than you. The simple fact is that no one is permanently at the top of their game.

What I’ve learned is that falling from grace and eating garbage for a while is how you rise up again. You can’t rise up if you haven’t fallen down before.

The deep, dark problem you think you’re facing will pass- it always does eventually. This is not the time to make a dumb decision, ask for sympathy or complain.

It’s time to eat garbage for a while and put in the work. Earn the right to get what you want by starting again at the bottom. That’s how you rise up again.


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“All of us will fall from grace at somepoint”

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3 weeks ago


Jun 24, 2018


Bachir Bastien

While some of us can naturally maintain a relatively high constant level of motivation, others find it more difficult. This is actually a normal fact of life. After all, the beauty and richness of life is in our attempt to reconcile and manage our different states.

This may sound trivial but it can have tremendous impact on your energy level. Right when you wake up, one simple task such as making your bed, exercising or cooking breakfast can get you energized for the rest of the day.

Getting something done first thing in the morning will give you a sense of achievement which will, in turn impact the rest of your day. The little things do count. How will you ever find the motivation to accomplish a big task when you can’t even finish a small one? A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step…in the right direction!

In the first step, you may get something done, but if it is not in alignment with your values or beliefs you are less likely to feel empowered. Whatever the task you get done, frame it in relation to something that is important to you. You can apply this in your personal life, professional or spiritual life. Doing a task you know relates to something meaningful to you will give you the required energy to carry it until completion.

People who engage in routine jobs may find it very hard to remain motivated. Frame your job into something greater than yourself. For instance, a bus driver may say: “I am glad I can contribute to the future of our society by bringing children to school.” Framing the routine job that way will give you a sense of contribution. Knowing that you are making a difference will give you a sense of pride that will in return motivate you.

You will feel more energized if you put your tasks on a sheet of paper because nothing is more motivating than crossing tasks off your to-do lists. This is a clear signal to your brain that you have been able to accomplish a particular task. That will generate a snowball effect since a single task accomplished and crossed out can have widespread effect on other tasks. Due to this, take up the habit of crossing out tasks on your to-do list.

We tend to be nice to other people. It is amazing to see how someone can be so empathetic and motivate another even when they are feeling down themselves. Paradoxically, instead of giving themselves a positive pep talk, they will go on a guilt trip. We are not trying to achieve perfection here, we are simply trying to do what we were born to do grow!

It is okay if you did not finish a specific task today. Instead of complaining or blaming, make the decision right now, that you will complete this task tomorrow. Talk to yourself as you would to a good friend. Give yourself a second chance. Don’t engage in self-deprecating talk. Remember, no one or nothing can motivate you if you are not willing to give yourself a chance.

It is amazing how much taking responsibility for our results can change our perspective. I have had the chance to work with small teams, and in my experience, I’ve learned that people get more motivated when they know they are responsible for the outcome of their tasks. Don’t wait for the situation to be agreeable to get motivated. Take responsibility for your task and see how much energy you will put into it. While hygiene factors can help motivate you, only when you know you are really responsible for the results of a particular task will Bruno Premi Classic heels tacco nero/argento iKnsb8

As humans we have unlimited psychic power. Just as you would pay more for natural and organic food and beverages, you need to harness your natural source of motivation rather than expecting outside factors to motivate you. May that same motivation level that attracted you to this article keep you motivated in a more consistent manner.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Michael Kors Bella ruffled mid 3kOD4k

Here is the installation guide for Ubuntu: DORATEYMUR Harput embellished loafers LBGIM

First things first, you'll need to install Ruby. We recommend using the excellent Bruno Premi High heeled ankle boots porpora 9r6416hZhB
, and ruby-build .

In order to install the pg gem you have to have PostgreSQL on your system, all you need to do is install it via your package manager of choice.

If you're running an Debian/Ubuntu based GNU/Linux for example run: apt-get install nodejs postgresql redis-server memcached .

We really don't have a good story for running this on Windows, but Pull Requests are welcome

We follow the ASOS Tassel Loafers In Leather With Fringe And Natural Sole qE2YNh
principle, so all you need to do is run:

Once that's done the script will kindly remind you to fill out you .env file inside the repository, this is the breakdown.

These values must be present in your .env file (created by script/setup ).

To obtain your GitHub Client ID/Secret you need to Saint Laurent Tribute Heels PX9CLp6O

After you register your OAuth application, you should fill in the homepage url with http://localhost:5000 and the authorization url with http://localhost:5000/auth/github/callback .

To obtain your GitHub User ID for the NON_STAFF_GITHUB_ADMIN_IDS field, go to

If you want to make a functionality change to the application you will need to write tests to accompany that change. In order to do this, the test values in the .env file must be filled in.

GitHub Classroom uses for recording and playing back API fixtures during test runs. These cassettes (fixtures) are part of the Git project in the spec/support/cassettes folder. If you're not recording new cassettes you can run the specs with existing cassettes with:

GitHub Classroom uses environmental variables for storing credentials used in testing, these values are located in your .env file (created by script/setup ). If you are recording new cassettes, you need to make sure all of these values are present.

To obtain these values you will need:

It is best if you create your own organization for testing purposes, if you have done so:

To obtain the OWNER_GITHUB_ID value, you can go to .

To obtain the OWNER_GITHUB_TOKEN value, you will need to generate a Tory Burch Ames Leather Sneakers fngCaTfKQ

To get the STUDENT_GITHUB_ID value you will need to create another user account on GitHub and get the ID by going to

To get the STUDENT_GITHUB_TOKEN value you will need to generate another Emporio Armani ACTION Trainers black/matt black ga5YrGVp
for the student account.

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